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Next American Revolution

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.
                                                                                                        John F. Kennedy


Today’s world is a tumult of change:  Political, social, religious, economic, business, climate, education – literally everything, everywhere. Indeed, there is nothing that does not or cannot change. When change does not occur in a system, it breaks down and revolution occurs.

Resistance to Change

Politics and self-interest dictate how people feel about change. Individuals or groups may take active steps to protect their positions. Resistance can take many forms; it is dynamic and it adjusts depending on the specific situation. (1)

Three types of resistance emerge and operate simultaneously: emotional, political, and rational. Most people are relatively optimistic when learning about impending change. They may, at an emotional level, actually become intrigued or even excited about it. Political resistance arises from self-interest. Rational resistance arises as people look for facts, relevant comparisons, and logical justification. These types of resistance occur with all types of change.

Change can occur quickly or slowly – evolutionary or revolutionary.  Evolutionary changes occur very slowly as people understand the change and the approach is built collaboratively. In business, management decides on whether the change will be brought about – with employee buy-in, or by forced change. (2)

Political Change

In the political arena, change comes from politicians advocating positions that they promise to support. They may not be able to deliver what they promise. The USA has only 2 political parties, and the parties’ platforms set forth the changes that will be supported. Any politician who does not back the primary party platforms (albeit with variations) must decide whether the difference justifies running for office as an Independent, thereby losing (or rejecting) political-party control.

Whilst most people have a preference for evolutionary change, it is not always appropriate. Politics in a democracy woos support from the electorate. But a large segment of the population may not be satisfied with the choices. This motivates them to support politicians on the fringes, or even radical candidates. When the dissatisfied segment becomes large enough, it may force the party-platform to change, or form a splinter group. (3)

American Politics

Today many people are utterly disenchanted by politics. They don’t vote because it seems like a tacit act of compliance and there is nothing to vote for. They regard politicians as frauds and liars. Today I watched an angry person on TV proclaim very forcefully that politicians are all liars. To many, the current political system is nothing more than a means for furthering the benefits of economic elites.  These are the seeds of revolution.

Only 26% of Americans today believe that the two major parties adequately represent Americans. Calls for bipartisanship are utterly useless when both parties cannot, or will not, address serious and legitimate grievances that are common throughout America. As it exists today, the American system is entirely incompatible with the democratic ideals upon which it was ostensibly founded. A political revolution seems to be the only solution to the countless problems plaguing America today. The strong political resistance against “politics as usual” is proof that a revolution has already begun. (4)

Presidential contenders

There are lots of Republicans who support Donald Trump’s ideas, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. Other politicians require financial support for their campaigns; Trump is self-financed. Others follow party platforms; Trump does not. In spite of suggestions that Trump’s followers are blue collar (inferences of low-intelligence) the trend continues. As I write this, the poll numbers of the top-3 Republican contenders combined do not equal Trump’s support. How long will Trump last?

The Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton seems to have hard-core support within the Democrat electorate, much higher than for Bernie Sanders. But she is considered an establishment candidate and still looks weak going into a general election, barely tying against Donald Trump and others in head-to-head match-ups. Also, her lead is far lower than the edge Democrats usually enjoy among female voters. That’s the real challenge for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Bernie Sanders labels himself a Democratic Socialist Capitalist. He speaks of political revolution, asking Americans to believe that electoral politics might actually deliver actual change. He knows that really won’t happen unless people who are frustrated and disengaged and disenchanted see him as a candidate who is distinctly different from the rest.  So he ramps up his rhetoric and offers more of a sense of who he is, pointing out that his disagreements are not merely with Republicans but also with too-cautious Democrats.  He is positioning himself as a candidate with long-term commitment to progressive ideals, and willingness to act to “govern based on principle not poll numbers.” (5)


Since the early days, the country has suffered from perpetual polarization: Republican versus Democrat; the North versus the South; Left versus Right; Liberal versus Conservative. The hostility seems to go on and on.

The record of the current two-party Congress is abysmal – very little really gets done. The US seems to be approaching a turning point. It seems evident that no one is satisfied and citizens are very publicly speaking out about change. Everyone recognizes that the status quo cannot continue indefinitely. 

Key question:  Can change occur through today’s political system? Will it be stimulated by outside events? Or will it change from within? (6)

Revolutionary Change

In social and political science, Revolution is a major, sudden, and typically violent alteration in government. The term is used by analogy in such expressions as the Industrial Revolution, where it refers to a radical and profound change in economic relationships and technological conditions. (7)

Today the United States political system has been corrupted by the Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United, giving unions and corporations the ability to spend unlimited amounts on political advertising, putting Congress under the thumb of its wealthiest citizens. 

Most urgent among these critical issues are:

  • Money in elections (legalized corruption)
  • $17 + trillion dollar and fast growing national debt
  • Vast inequality of wealth, increasing poverty
  • Endless war by the American Empire
  • Structural classism in the justice system
  • Climate change: In the next century, will this planet remain habitable.
These serious problems cannot be handled without a mass resistance movement. It seems to many political analysts, observers and futurists, that another American Revolution is possible, and even likely. (8)

American Revolution

America is already a deliverer of much internal and external violence – from invasions internationally to income inequality and growing discontent at home. In recent years, civil unrest has becoming increasingly noticeable. From the Occupy Movement to the Ferguson and Chicago unrest, Americans across the country are stepping up and speaking out about dissatisfaction with government. (9)

The primary causes of a possible second American Revolution are not external but internal. They arise from the recognition that under the present corrupt system any independent person is inherently unelectable. The only choices seem to be apathy, or revolutionary change. The choice is between acquiescing to the demands of a corrupt political establishment, or surrendering to the forces of rebellion and upheaval. (10)

So, if there is indeed a next American revolution, when and how will it develop? Will it be similar to the founding Revolution with a long drawn out psychological war before action occurs? What impact will it have on the country and the world? When, where and how will lines be drawn? (11)

The Pitchforks are coming

Bernie Sanders’ platform, "For 40 years, the American middle class has been disappearing. Millions of people are working longer hours for lower wages. During that period, there has been is a massive transfer of trillions of dollars from the middle class to the top 0.1% of America. Today, you have 99% of all new income today going to the top 1%."

In a 2014 TED speech, Nick Hanauer, a Seattle-based entrepreneur and a self-proclaimed plutocrat said, " The problem isn't that we have inequality. Some inequality is intrinsic to any high-functioning capitalist economy. The problem is that inequality is at historically high levels and getting worse every day. Our country is rapidly becoming less a capitalist society and more a feudal society."

Nick Hanauer warns his fellow “filthy-rich”: “You’re living in a dream world. If we don’t do something to fix the glaring inequities in this economy, the pitchforks are going to come for us. No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality.” (12)

Financial Collapse

In 1971, the US unilaterally canceled the direct convertibility of the US dollar to gold. Since then, a system of national fiat monies has been used globally, with freely floating exchange rates between the major currencies. This allows the US and other major countries simply to issue as much currency as needed, which increases the national debt.

The history of fiat money has been one of failure. Over the centuries, every fiat currency has ended in devaluation and eventual collapse, of not only the currency, but of the economy that housed the fiat currency as well. (13)

The view of many futurists and economists is that the eventual collapse of the US $ is inevitable, taking with it most of the bloated fiat currencies in the developed world. This will be the key event that triggers political and economic collapse to bring about the next American Revolution.


Today, Democracy is not functioning in America – just the illusion of it. The American public has gotten indulgent in many ways, but more and more people are starting to recognize that it's time to act. Some of the greatest guides to the new American Revolution are the people who articulated the first one. They understood the concept that enough is enough.

When will the American people reach the breaking point and take action? Many economists and futurists predict that the system is like a runaway train, which is going to crash. Unless something is done, it seems just a matter of when. (14)

From my own standpoint, I’m voting for the Bernie Sanders revolution.

Let’s Engage

Please share our discussion by responding to these questions directly via the blog. If you prefer, send me an email and I’ll insert your comments.

  1. Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent?
  2. Do you vote regularly? If you don’t vote, why not?
  3. Who will you vote for in the next Presidential election?
  4. What are your reasons to support the candidate of your choice?
  5. Obama promised “Change you can Believe In”. Did Change happen?
  6. Will you believe the next President’s promises?
  7. Will you continue to accept the current political situation?
  8. What do you think YOU can do about it?
  9. Please add your own comments.

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Jim Pinto
Carlsbad, CA. USA
13 December 2015


  1. 1. Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

    I still subscribe to the Historical Republican Principles. But, sadly, neither party has reasonable “Principles”. If the Party Platform is the Current Measure of Principles, then, the way individuals have been able to manipulate it is sad. It’s NOT just the Politicians who have figured out how to manipulate the system. True, it is the complacency of each of us that provides the opportunity :(

    How we every et the Politicians create “Districts” that eliminate the probability that we would all get together to have a single voice is beyond me. Without such a Collective Voice, Money Rules. This coming Election cycle will be a travesty, since all Money Constraints are Removed. Something Our forefathers warned us about; but, we aren;t listening to their Sage Advice anymore :(

    2. Do you vote regularly? If you don’t vote, why not?

    Even though I don’t live in the US, I Vote!

    3. Who will you vote for in the next Presidential election?

    As I sid in my previous response, I’ll vote for Trump, if he makes it that far. I know his views sound extreme; but the reality is “The system” won’t let him carry through without moderating his views. What we have been doing has only made matters worse. Time to try something different. In the late 90s, Margaret Thatcher warned us about following in the UK’s path, where Politicians were only Elitists.

    4. What are your reasons to support the candidate of your choice?

    See #3 above.

    5. Obama promised “Change you can Believe In”. Did Change happen?

    “The System” constrained him. The Only Changes he could and did make were ones he could do by himself.

    Since both parties have become Polarized without the ability to Negotiate, the President’s hands are Severely Constrained. The lack of compromise started with Gerrymandering and now with the release of Money Constraints.

    My discussions with Individuals on my recent trip to the US shocked me. My Republican Friends were “Dug In”. They were Totally Unwilling to Discuss their Positions, NOT a good Sign :(

    6. Will you believe the next President’s promises?

    Sadly, his or her Intent isn’t the issue. As long as “The system” is so polarized that they only way to Gain the Needed Votes is to BUY THEM, we are challenged. But, as you see below, I agree that our ability to Print Money is coming to an end.

    7. Will you continue to accept the current political situation?

    Accept is a Strong Word. As you read above, people do not like it. The question is how will it change when Politicians have spent DECADES making it UNCHANGEABLE?

    8. What do you think YOU can do about it?

    I don't think the Change will be Brought About by Actions inside the US. As you’ll see below, the Change has already started and the US is the Frog in the Tepid Water that the World is Heating.

  2. Comments continued from previous post.

    9. If there is indeed a newAmerican Revolution, how will it start?

    As Rush Limbaugh says, “Follow the Money”. I do agree with that part of his message.

    In this case, the US has been able to Print Money for Decades. Our Debt is clearly uncontrollable. The Historic Approaches to solving our problems aren’t working. Yet, we just keep doing more of the same.

    One reason the US can Print Money is based on the Brenton Woods Agreement in which Oil is Cleared in US Dollars. As you know, China has created the Shanghai gold Exchange with the intent of breaking the US Dollar as the World’s Primary Reserve Currency. Also, Many Countries are Signing Energy Agreements that DO NOT involve the US $ in any fashion.

    I believe that some in the US see this coming and are like the preverbal Cat being Backed into a Corner. Who knows how they’ll respond.

    The US has planted a lot of resentment around the world. ISIL is but one response. As you’ve seen documented elsewhere, ISIL’s access to Money has NOT been Constrained. Why NOT? Surely, the West knows how they are being funded. Without Money, they would be severely constrained. Then, other techniques can be brought to bear.

    10. Please add your own ideas and comments.

    The US People have Good Intentions and are Fair. The US behavior in the World does NOT represent those Historical Values.

    The Politicians that asked the President to Stop the Drone Attacks understand the Resentment that the US is Fostering.

    1. Mr. Bosler, I believe your post represents the sentiment of many frustrated Americans.

      Unfortunately there is also Mr. Joe Schmuck who has not thought through any of this, has his daily breakfast, and thinks that all tomorrows will be as they were in the 1950's. Like lemmings marching off the cliff.

      At the same time, that 0.1% (actually much smaller) still fiddles with the levers of power to manipulate the money flow so that only a trickle goes to the less favored, and the bulk falls into their coffers, tilting the balance even more in their favor.

      One does not have to be omniscient to predict the collapse of this situation. And that next revolution is not likely to be for the faint of heart. With at least one gun for every man, woman and child in circulation, poverty growing to enormous proportions, politics being as bad as Jim Pinto described, and external factors lurking around every corner to attack the US, it will be an unprecedented internal revolution, mixed with external wars.

      More and more people are realizing the 'just vote' system at the very most changes the names and faces of those who juggle the system at the expense of the masses. Voting has become an exercise in fooling the population into thinking they are in control after all. It's a farce, and any thinking person knows it. That system of deception must and will be replaced. The $64,000 question is: what will replace it. Left to the 'elite', the replacement system may (will) be an even worse mechanism that permanently ends the great American experiment.

      It's OK to fear for our children and grandchildren. It's prudent, perhaps even mandatory, to instigate a bloodless revolution NOW, before the other kind just 'happens'. But the 2-party divide makes a peaceful revolution all but impossible. The alternative will be messy ... but necessary and unavoidable.

    2. Thank you for your response to Bill Bosler's comments.

      Yes, the collapse of the system is imminent. But, with the strength of government (local and national) forces and armaments, it is difficult to imagine that a revolution can occur without some powerful triggering event.

      This is why I suggest that the only major trigger will be financial collapse. Given the continued ability of the US (and other governments) to endlessly "print" money, with consequent debt continuing to grow alarmingly, the most likely (in my view) event that will cause a "revolution" is failure of the money/banking system. That will be very fast, and will spread throughout the world almost immediately, causing fast, widespread rebellion.

      With the current system, banks simply rake their percentages off the top. With the support of the government, they seem/feel impregnable.

      The same is true in Europe. The "system" could/would not allow Greece to fail. And many European countries continue to flounder - Italy, France, Spain and others. So they survive only with German support - Germany is the only strong currency, and a prop for the system.

      A relatively small financial event - in Europe or the US - will trigger a financial collapse - and chaos will follow.

      It is remarkable that most economic observers and pundits continue to predict that this will happen. Yes, the world continues, wishfully and blissfully ignoring reality.

  3. Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

    I'm a Republican, though that's mostly because at the state and local level it is the less insane political party.

    Do you vote regularly? If you don’t vote, why not?

    Yes, I vote primaries and general elections.

    Who will you vote for in the next Presidential election?

    Even if I agreed with much of what Trump says, his behavior on the campaign trail makes effective negotiation nearly impossible. Contrast his behavior to that of Ronald Reagan. Reagan had a pleasant demeanor that, even if you disagreed with him, assured you that he was fighting for what he thought best for the nation.

    If Trump can't do that, it hardly matters what he says or does. He'll get nowhere.

    What are your reasons to support the candidate of your choice?

    The political pendulum has gone about as far left under Obama, Pelosi, and Reid as I think the country can tolerate. We need at least a centrist candidate and we need to stop these insane swings back and forth.

    Obama promised “Change you can Believe In”. Did Change happen?

    Sure. Change happened. I don't think it was good change, but by golly, he tried his best to do what he said he'd do.

    Will you believe the next President’s promises?

    One does not "believe" promises. One hopes that the president can deliver on the promises made. This involves negotiations with Congress. It is worth noting that Congress has a significantly lower rating than the president and it has been that way for some time.

    Will you continue to accept the current political situation?

    Accept it? No, I don't like it at all. Eisenhower's famous military-industrial complex quote:

    "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist."

    I think that quote is narrow-minded, in my opinion. The problem is ultimately a government that is so large that it is unmanageable.

    Where I live, there is a radio station dedicated to Federal Government News only (think about that for a minute). Listening to these bureaucrats talk about their tiny minded goals and the abstractions of abstractions that they use gives me a sense of despair. They really have no idea what's going on because they can't see the forest for the trees.

    What do you think YOU can do about it?

    We need to shrink government. Not just a little --a lot! It is being used as a source of employment for millions. It is usurping things that were done with private enterprise. The costs of supporting such overbearing bureaucracies is insane and it is killing us.

    Take healthcare, for example. It was already bad with insurance company bureaucracy. Most people on all sides of the political spectrum agreed that it needed to be curbed. So what did we get? Government bureaucracy to make things even more expensive and ridiculous. Now, I'm not only paying for insane insurance bureaucracy, I'm paying for nearly as many government bureaucrats to look over their shoulders. Have we fixed anything yet?

    Things are getting so bad that I'm seeing an increasing number of doctors going to cash-only billing (won't process insurance paperwork for routine visits).


  4. (continued)

    Please add your own comments.

    There are several problems with both sides of the political spectrum in the US. First and foremost, is ignorance of History. Liberals rewrite it and deconstruct it as if it happened yesterday, and then teach that point of view as fact; while conservatives tend to deny any bias by those who wrote it.

    Let us leave the record alone, teach it as it was written, and then teach who the writers were and their context. Let each generation make up their own minds as to what it looked like.

    Second, a lesson in civics is good. A lesson in modern rhetoric is better. We have forgotten how to make a case, and negotiate. Instead, we get screaming idiots in front of cameras because they attract viewers and make ratings for TV news.

    We have missed many opportunities to fix the world. The Black Lives Matter group has actually harmed and discredited the very people they sought to help. The Occupy Wall Street protests hasn't resulted in a single court case to bring the cronies of the 2008 financial crash to justice.

    I don't know what most people in cities think is reasonable, but I do know this: Middle America is getting fed up. They're being fleeced, and they have nothing to show for it.

    I may sound like a right winger, but even a casual view of political history indicates a pretty significant slide toward the left over the last half century, particularly over the least decade. We can not continue like this. Casual redistribution of wealth by government is a guarantee for instability. Eventually, money will leave the country, and go where there is value for the tax money. The value isn't that obvious here in the US any more.

    The only thing holding this nation together right now is that it is the least awful of the alternatives.

  5. 1. I'm a Republican

    2. Do you vote regularly? YES

    3. Who will you vote for in the next Presidential election? Undecided.

    4. What are your reasons to support the candidate of your choice? NA

    5. Obama promised “Change you can Believe In”. Did Change happen? Absolutely not. Any change was negative.

    6. Will you believe the next President’s promises? NO

    7. Will you continue to accept the current political situation? NO

    8. What do you think YOU can do about it?
    Vote. Teach. Discuss alternatives.

    9. If there is indeed a newAmerican Revolution, how will it start?
    Hopefully a peaceful transition at the state level.

  6. I suspect that we are repeating the history of Rome. The Roman Republic included many checks and balances to achieve good for all. Over the centuries, the "elite" managed to subvert all of these and, starting with Julius Caesar, became dictators. The Roman Senate was totally co-opted. For the next 400 years the nation was ruled by emperors (dictators) and eventually fell apart, mostly because the elite was willing to sacrifice the long term well being of the country for short term gains for themselves.

    I believe that our system has been co-opted by crooked politicians who are becoming, as a group or maybe individually, dictators. Look at Obama arbitrarily issuing decrees (executive orders) and going far beyond what Nixon would have been impeached for. Hillary has stated she will go even further, and issue "diktats" to get done what she thinks that those elected by the people will not do. Trump has basically said the same.

    I will vote for Rubio or Cruz if either looks like they can win. In the general election I will vote for whomever the Republicans nominate. Sanders is a joke and Hillary is a crook.

    I think the country has basically had it, though. I do not think there will be a revolution because people have too much comfort and possessions now to risk it in armed rebellion. Things will just continue to get worse.

    I am glad I am as old as I was. I remind myself that the Fall of Rome took many, many years, and that many of the Romans did not notice it was falling. A comfort, that. Hopefully the DArk Ages will not commence until my grandchildren are through life.

    Did Obama change America? He accelerated a negative trend in all he did. The man never smiles. Oh, sure, his mouth smiles. But look at his eyes. They glower. Anyone stupid enough to vote for him deserves what, unfortunately, they and the rest of us are going to get.

  7. Everybody says they want major change. No one agrees on what that would entail. I suspect that in reality, none of us would really like "major change."

    One thing that annoys me about "conservatives"--everything is going to Hell in a handbasket. One thing that annoys me about "liberals"--everything is going to Hell in a handbasket.

    How about we all just work where we are to make society a better place?

    As Thomas Mann once said, "If everyone swept in front of their own doors, the whole world would be clean."

    In case anyone is dense, that comment has nothing to do with a broom ;-)

    Obama thought he could change things then he ran into the twin buzz saws of hyper-partisan politics (my congressman is the idiot Jim Jordan) and Nancy Pelosi (who single handedly destroyed the best of what is known as "Obama Care").

    I took off a year to go to grad school in 1971 studying political philosophy. My colleagues predicted a revolution in 1976 due to civil rights and war. 40 year down the road what are two of our big problems? Civil rights and war. Revolution? No.

  8. It's rather revealing that of all the well reasoned responses so far, not a single one even comes close to defending the existing situation.

    I'm not sure what the timing will be, and it's true that some of the problems have existed for ... decades. But I sense (maybe it's my age) that the cup is running over, and an inflection point is near.

    Donald Trump, goof that he is, may be the final impetus to collectively move us to think - and act. Then again, maybe my grandchildren will still be talking about this in 2050.

  9. Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent?
    I am a progressive activist. I am a registered Democrat and I normally vote for Democrats; but I will only support candidates who are progressive on economic issues.

    Do you vote regularly? If you don’t vote, why not?
    Yes, I vote regularly.

    Who will you vote for in the next Presidential election?
    I will probably vote for the Democratic Candidate. I can't see supporting any of the current Republican candidates. I would certainly prefer an economic populist

    What are your reasons to support the candidate of your choice?
    The Republican philosophy of trickle down economics is dead wrong. A sound economy is built from the bottom up; so that the working class can afford a reasonable level of consumption. The US GDP is 70% consumer spending. Growth is based on demand-side growth. We have to get more disposable money into the hands of consumers; we don't need more tax breaks for bankers. There would be a better chance of moving in the right direction under a democrat.

    Obama promised “Change you can Believe In”. Did Change happen?
    I believe Pres. Obama led as much change as he could, within the constraints of a Congress that opposed everything he did as a matter of party policy. The party that votes against healthcare for the poor and benefits for war veterans is a party with no plans of its own.

    Will you believe the next President’s promises?
    It depends on who it is. I think several candidates on both sides are sincere about their plans and agendas, whether or not I agree with those plans and agendas. However, congress can constrain a president's ability to lead.

    Will you continue to accept the current political situation?
    No. I don't and will not.

    What do you think YOU can do about it?
    Activism works. I will continue to engage in progressive activism, both at the grass roots level as well as continuing to lobby congress on behalf of progressive causes.

    Please add your own comments.

  10. 1. Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent? Independent

    2. Do you vote regularly? Usually

    3. Who will you vote for in the next Presidential election?

    Have not yet decided. Lean towards Sanders presently but don't think he will be the Democratic candidate.

    4. What are your reasons to support the candidate of your choice?

    Best matches my preferences on issues.

    5. Obama promised “Change you can Believe In”. Did Change happen?

    Obama at a 43% approval rating nationally is discredited from his promise:
    "change you can believe in." A few Dems site he has been stymied by Republicans
    - but Obama had Dems controlling BOTH houses of Congress for his first two years
    in office.

    "Change you can believe in" is a joke. Hispanics and African Americans probably still overwhelmingly support Obama- so the 43% approval rating of all Americans probably means his approval rating among non-racial minorities is near zero. He went to Washington DC with high hopes and within months joined the power elite as almost all the Presidents do either before or after their election.

    6. Will you believe the next President’s promises?

    We have a three branch government. Change one branch- i.e. a new President, and nothing major will change.

    7. Will you continue to accept the current political situation?

    I was disappointed last night to hear Trump vow he will stay in the Republican party. I had actually hoped he and Sanders would create a new major Conservative party taking the Tea Party members with them. In the short run Hillary Clinton would become our next president- probably for eight years- and the country would suffer damage as hardly can be conceived about presently (more stupid foreign policy moves, more war, higher crippling debt, more frequent and greater political deadlocks with congress, etc.)

    But the Republican, relieved of conservative militancy, would become more moderate- where no party now resides (the Dems are dominated on the left, as the Rep. are on the right). The "new" Republican party might occupy the space where I prefer: a cautious foreign policy supporting, encouraging and leading other nations to solve their own regional problems, securing our boarders and allowing only legal and generous immigration of persons deemed to be of little threat, a generous social system that places emphasis on self-initiative, a balanced budget, ending endless welfare for lazy "live-off-the-sytem" deadbeats and corporations, a slightly smaller military, a simple tax system, common sense gun restrictions keeping military-type weapons from the public and all weapons from those who should not own weapons, a strong environmental and conservation agenda, elimination of political influence by major donors, unions and corporations, a MUCH smaller federal government, lower tax rates for the middle class and corporations (to bring back to the US monies now kept overseas by American based companies), term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court, eliminating or greatly limiting the ability of legislators to work for companies or interests directly affected by public policy decided by legislators, a single payer system like Canada, advancement of racial cultural amalgamation, a value based government (honest, competent, effective, efficient, forward-looking).

    8. What do you think YOU can do about it?

    Buy a cabin in Maine off the grid. DONE.
    This isn't going to happen in my lifetime and thus I will spend a lot of time at my cabin in Maine reading good books, fishing some and hiking - while trying not to think of our lousy government system.

    Continued -

  11. Continued -

    9. Please add your own comments.

    I don't think the rebellion that propels Trump and Sanders will carry the day now. It will sometime in the next hundred years- but not in the next ten years. I think the Presidental race will come down to Clinton and either Rubio or Cruz. And regardless of all the hoopla of the great differences between them and the "mother of all" nasty political campaigns that we'll see in 2016- it really won't matter one bit if either the Dem. or Rep. wins.

    Color me cynical.

    Rick Batt

  12. 1. Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent?
    Independent (Liberal Centrist)

    2. Do you vote regularly? Regular voter

    3. Who will you vote for in the next Presidential election?
    Undecided until after the Demo primary

    4. What are your reasons to support the candidate of your choice?
    Someone who cares about restoring the middle class and has the ideas and clout to do it.

    5. Obama promised “Change you can Believe In”. Did Change happen?
    Yes, absolutely, and when you consider what he inherited from the Bush Administration, he pulled off a miracle!

    6. Will you believe the next President’s promises?
    I NEVER believe ANY politician’s promises. That all ended with voting for Bobby Jindal as the LA governor. EVERYTHING he did was OPPOSITE his promises!

    7. Will you continue to accept the current political situation?
    Not if I have a choice, but we MUST overturnCitizens United for that to happen.

    8. What do you think YOU can do about it?
    Be proactive in debunking the torrent of misinformation flowing from Fox News and their co-conspirators.

    9. If there is indeed a newAmerican Revolution, how will it start?
    By electing Bernie Sanders. I will vote for him in the primary and encourage others to do so as well and if he wins, I will vote for him in the GE.

    10. Please add your own ideas and comments.
    Our country is in crisis. We have lost our commitment to core values (e.g., helping people achieve the American Dream) and principles (e.g., The Geneva Convention). By doing so, we stoop to the petty and disingenuous behaviors of much lesser nations, and then criticize them for engaging in the very same behaviors.

    Here’s what we need to fix things…

    Term Limits: With each term of office scaled to a time period that is reasonable to accomplish things without creating a dynasty.

    SCOTUS: No more lifetime appointments for SCOTUS! That rule was made when people lived to be 50-60 years old. Some people evolve with age — others* don’t. (*See Justice Scalia!)

    Lobbyists: Institute term limits and the power/influence of lobbyists diminishes and eventually disappears. (No power brokers = no need for lobbyists!)

    Campaign Reform:

    Finance: Go back to a Campaign Contribution box on tax returns and limit spending to public funds ONLY.

    Duration: Set a fixed duration for national political campaigns — 6 months for president; 3 months for Congress. If you can’t convey what you have to say in those periods, go home.