Friday, September 19, 2014

Benefits of Blogging

I must tell you that I'm enjoying using the new blogging style to publish
my writings. I’d like to share my reasons for changing from email to

Problems with email:

1. When I send email to my list of about 6,000, I get hundreds of
   immediate bounce-backs: “Not in the office”; “No longer at this
   company”; “Deleted as suspected spam” - etc.
2. I’m not sure how many of the 6,000 recipients actually read my eNews;
   I don’t know how many simply ignore or delete. I get lots of good email
   feedback (I respond to each one). But, many simply “delete” and I never
   know. In any case, it’s a time-consuming and arduous process for me.
3. The “old” eNews had 5 main items and 3 feedback – became the usual. The
   problem was each item could not be very long (target 300-500 words).
   I had to edit out a lot of very good stuff.

Blogging is better:

1. My columns can be longer – target 1,000 words. I can write without
   undue length limitations.
2. I can focus on just one topic at a time. This will allow me to publish
   about one a week.
3. Inserting into the blog is easy-breezy: I write in Word (or any other
   text program) and simply cut-and-paste into the blog.
4. Feedback comments can be inserted by readers immediately. If the
   comment is not appropriate, I can contact the blogger, or simply
   delete. I don’t really expect to delete or edit anything.
5. I won't get the flurry of hundreds “out of the office” and other
6. I get a ton of immediate statistics via the blog, run by Google:
   Page views; traffic sources; referring URLs; number of views per
   country - and a plethora of other stuff.
7. My email within the Blog is:
   My email: is still valid.

Problems – which YOU can help resolve:

1. Some have asked,“How do I know you have published a new article
   on the blog? Will I be informed?”
2. Solutions: The latest couple of articles will be be on my homepage: (bookmark it). Earlier items will be listed
   in the index:  There will be links
   to the blog everywhere. You can go directly: Make it easy by bookmarking.
3. Sign up for RSS. RSS allows you to easily get the latest content
   directly. You save time by not needing an email newsletter.
   The number of sites offering RSS feeds is growing rapidly:
   Apple iTunes, Yahoo News and many others. Several people have
   already been reading eNews via RSS.


I’d like YOU to help me with your feedback and comments directly
via the blog: Go the the blog via
and insert your feedback comments. DO IT NOW – it’s easy-breezy!

Of course, you can always do it the old way: send me an email!

Stay in touch. Happy blogging!

Jim Pinto
Carlsbad, California, USA


  1. Good.
    I was getting lost in your test emails. This is much better.

  2. This is great! I always felt pressurised by the newsletter, to read or risk loosing it below the flood of daily emails. Now I can read the articles of particular interest and catch up on the rest later. Really good change for me as well as you. Colin

    1. Happy to hear that, Colin. And thanks for your immediate feedback - which will help others to do the same.

  3. Hi Jim,
    Blogging gives you the possibility to make one blog for one item.
    What I use in my blog is the possibility for readers to get an e-mail notification, when a new post is published. (On top left, just below the banner).

    Just add the gadget "Folow via E-mail" on you blog page. Gadget is number 5 in the list.
    Then it is up to the reader if they want to receive a e-mail notification.
    And by the way, I certainly would sign in to get a notification.
    Keep up your good work.

  4. "Follow via E-mail" is the solution !

    The best of both worlds.

    No “Not in the office”; “No longer at this
    company”; “Deleted as suspected spam” - etc. This is all handled by Google.

    BUT : people waiting for a new article get the info immediately.

  5. Hi Jim,
    I really like the blog. I was disappointed when you announced you were ending the newsletter, but I agree that this is a better approach.

    When an email arrives in my inbox, it takes some psychological energy – I feel the need to do something with it, either handle or create a task to handle it later (I try to keep my inbox at 0 on daily basis). This is fine when the email requires my immediate attention. But it still takes energy even when it does not need immediate attention.

    I follow about a dozen blogs. The process works great, because I read them on my schedule – no mental energy expended till I am ready to read them. So thanks for returning a little energy that I was not even aware I was expending.

    Another advantage to the blog is we don’t have to wait a month or so to read what you are thinking about.

    Thanks for your insights and for respecting my mental energy.

    All the best,

    1. John:

      Thanks for the insightful comments - about emails using psychological energy.

      I too like my Inbox to be empty (answer all emails the same day, if possible).

      Stay in topuch - and happy blogging!

      Jim Pinto

  6. Jim,

    I think doing the newsletter in a blog format will work fine. I enjoy reading it very much.

    Franklin Smith

  7. Nicely Done Jimbo.... always look forward to your pontificating:)

  8. Blog posts can also be share with your connections in LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks where you're active on a professional basis.

    For those that use Microsoft Outlook as their email client, subscribing via RSS is nice because it creates a separate folder in the "RSS Subscriptions" area. You can read the posts when you have time and not have them land in the typically overloaded inbox.

    Keep those great posts coming!

    1. Jim:

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions regarding RSS.

      Stay in touch.

  9. Jim,
    beats email every time


  10. 2nd try at feedback. Just a little learning curve. I am sure it will become easier as time goes on.